& the Yang of my Gallery

As I said It's my Yin & Yang, well this is my peaceful side, this is the beauty of photography, this is what gets my up in the morning and gives my life balance.

I also love printing, this is the final result of my work, without the print they are just a collection of zeros & ones in a chip on a drive in a cloud, without the print they are not really real.

I’m very happy to say that some of these images are available for sale at my etsy shop just visit


All of my photographs are available to purchase (not everything is on etsy). I print to order which makes a lot more sense than hording lots of prints at different sizes.  

If you can’t find the image you like just drop me a line, I love to help.

Currently I’m framing most prints in Nielson pearl black aluminium frames.   I really like the quality of the frames and in my opinion they complement the print beautifully.  Ofcourse I also supply Print only or Mounted with  a soft white mat.

For those interested in the teky side.

I shoot on Canon 5D full frame cameras.  With top quality Canon L series lenses.  I edit with the Adobe suit of tools and print with the excellent Epson P600 pro printer with ultrachrome inks which give archival results to last over 70 years. 

I use either Hahnemuhle or distinction fibre base paper. Which is amongst the best in the industry.  The end result is gallery standard prints which look great on anyone’s wall.

Its all about the quality