I was Born and raised in the North East of England and although now living happily in the south I still consider himself to be at heart a northern lad.

Photography adopted me at an early age, hooking me into developing and printing grainy images shot on my trusty 127 Brownie. Since those formative days a camera has not been far from my hand, nor an image far from my minds eye.

A lifetime later and I continue to refine this craft, whether shooting Interiors for clients or wild landscapes for personal satisfaction my quest for the perfect shot continues.  

From a business perspective ‘why do I do this’ is a question I’m often asked and the truth is I love it. I love meeting people, I love solving problems, I love deadlines and I love helping people by doing something, I’ve been told, I’m quite good at.

‘Imagine-if’ is a small affair,  but don’t associate small with low quality or shoddy service.  I pride myself with giving a full professional speedy service to every client.  From the equipment used,  right through the post process editing to the quality of the final images. It’s  all about you, and In most cases if you’re not happy, I don’t ask you to pay.  (that’s never actually happened I’m pleased to say 🙂

For a little while now I’ve been dabbling with video and I’m at the point where I’m ready to offer this as another service. Small promotional video work for youtube would probably be my target. Using multi camera set up and quality audio.