New Book

I’m over the moon, over the last 12 months I’ve been working in collaboration with Rob Ganley on a slightly alternative guide book to Coventry. Rob who is the author, has wove a fascinating story around places in Coventry you really need to know about (who would have known). While I had what may be considered to be the easier job of photographing these places of interest. The Book is called 111 PLACES IN COVENTRY YOU SHOULDN’T MISS and I’m more than happy to announce it’s just been published and is now on sale… everywhere.


It’s a long time since I photographed my last wedding, I moved away from that about nine or ten years ago simply because my photography as heading in another direction. But I still love the buzz every wedding produces and the privilege of being part of the big day.

A little while ago we had a family wedding, a pro wedding photographer was duly installed to capture all the critical shots which he did exceedingly well and I was secretly pleased not to miss the entire day corralling reluctant relatives into predictable group photos. Instead I offered to shoot a video… I was hooked. The idea of telling a story of this beautiful couple through the mixing of film, music and audio in a 10 minute short was utterly compelling and something I knew I had to do again.

Well, I’ve just be asked to film a large wedding next year, which seems a long way off but already the juices are running and ideas are forming in my little brain. Also a new kit list is taking shape, specifically around audio capture which is key to any story telling. As ideas develop I shall tell you more.

Up and running

Just back from my daily dog walk, the weather is cold outside so staying and firing up the log burner seems like a good option. I’ve been playing with my video gear for the last day or two trying to perfect some techniques like slo-mo panning and focus pulling. It’s been fun and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve also just purchased a new high end microphone from Rode to add to the growing collection of audio equipment. Which means a happy day or two of testing in various situations until I’m comfortable with its abilities and my limitations.

Just looking for a job to test it on, once this lockdown is lifted 🙂

Elementor #509

Ok so the new site looks like it’s up and running, I’m certain over the coming days and weeks I’ll tweak and change it.  I will rely on my wonderful wife Sue will correct my grammar and the inevitable spelling mistakes, while pointing out the Faux pas I make along the way.

Hopefully its the begining of a journey, lets see where it leads.


This may become my first blog on this website.  I say might because until I press the ‘publish’ button and check where this script actually turns up, I am unsure … let’s check eh?