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the Yin & the Yang of photography

My photography falls into two camps, on one hand I have Commercial Photography, which revolves around property / product / professional headshots.

Then in the other hand I’m heavily loaded with a yen for PhotoArt in the form of travel / landscape & Fine Art Photography.

As with all things in life there has to be balance.

The business yin

My ‘imagine-if…Photography’ business is only a small affair, I do this because I want to, not because I need to.  But don’t think because it’s small that quality is compromised… far from it. 

My satisfaction comes from working with nice people who I can help.  People maybe running a small business but still need excellent product / property images without breaking the bank.  Or aspiring actors who are looking for a break and need good quality headshots to promote themselves. 

This is what it’s all about, the pleasure the beauty, the Art of Photography.   And really it’s more about the chase than the capture, It’s about the hard work and the vision that goes into making that single image.   It’s about getting myself where I need to be, it’s about stretching myself. 

But it doesn’t end, when the shot is ‘in the bag’, it’s all about the print.   The image on a screen isn’t yet real to me, at this stage it’s just a series of zeros and ones, not until it’s printed to gallery standard then I’m happy.

Did I mention
I also dabble in video